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          Brand Introduction

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          Brand Profile:
                The three the interpretation leading brand of beauty "Beauty daily necessities story. Follow the natural simplicity "brand philosophy, the natural beauty into which each series product development, product style unique creative exudes a fresh natural flavor; environmentally friendly packaging, confirms the pursuit of the original intention of the brand. American sort of green, and the United States a sort of natural, three for every Amy pursuit of environmental protection, focusing on taste, bring the extraordinary beauty of life experience.

          Brand meaning:
                Three "Ben heart, color of Ben, Ben really" brand connotation, interpretation and witness nature is beautiful, simple is beautiful "true meaning of life, as fresh after the rain, bloom and contend beautiful, but also the like natural regression, restore to mankind initial.
                Ben heart Thanksgiving natural, rose quietly blooming, the sun also rises, splashing rain random, inexplicable moved.
                Ben color arbitrary, do not follow the crowd, always remain true me, even if cash Yihe, still has a unique style of self.
                Ben really pretty tough, like all simple things, enjoy the simple pleasures, especially love the simple, natural, green, low-carbon things.
          Brand Introduction